Animal Advocate


A local hero in more than one way, a registered volunteer for the fire brigade and an active volunteer and advocate for creatures big and small.

For Madeline Newbery, providing a home for sick or injured animals began at a very young age. Now 22 years old, she has saved and re homed more than 100 animals and wildlife.

 By the age of 6 Maddy had already discovered her love for caring and began taking in stray and rescue wildlife, with the help of her father Martin Newbery. He is a volunteer with WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.), which has been rescuing and looking after native animals since 1985 and is Australia’s largest wildlife organisation which receive over 150 000 calls a year about wildlife in trouble. Maddy’s passion for animals begun when her father gave her a rescued Rainbow Lorikeet as a present for her 6th birthday, a few months after that she started helping her father care for his other rescues, “I remember when dad gave me Big Bird, (the Lorikeet), after that I loved caring for birds, they are so cute and vulnerable without their feathers, they rely on you for everything. I was feeding them every half hour when they were new born and watching them grow, when dad thought I was ready I then helped with the other rescues”.


 Soon after discovering her love for animals she set up her garage as a sanctuary for the wildlife in her care and looked after them from there, the wildlife ranged from possums to birds and lizards. Maddy moved back to her birthplace, Singapore for 4 years when she was 13 and her passion followed her, feeding local stray cats and dogs every day after school.

 When returning to Australia Maddy had already decided she wanted to work with animals, getting a part time job at a local pet store in Heathcote helping clean cages and feed the animals. She soon realised that not all people share the same love as she did and has a few horror stories from working there. “ At first I loved working there, it was so much fun learning about everything, except they didn’t treat the animals like I thought they would and I talked to my boss but she seemed to think her work was normal”. After quitting the pet shop she picked up a job at Pet Barn, which she still works at today and loves.

 Early 2010 Maddy also began working at Symbio Zoo in Helensburgh and had the amazing opportunity to work with crocodiles and snakes, which she described as the most rewarding experience. While still at school Maddy was able to get work experience with Taronga Zoo and work with people who loved animals just as much as she did. “ I loved it there! My favourite animal was definitely the giraffe, for an animal that makes little noise they have the biggest personalities”.


 Maddy’s father has played an immense part in her life, teaching her the basic care needs for the wildlife and showing her how to use her love for animals in a way that has saved hundreds of recues and strays over the years. “My dad has taught me everything I know, he is so great with animals I have him to thanks for everything, without him I would not be where I am today”. Martin works as Jakarta based trade director for Australia and recently helped free 12 fairy penguins from becoming a exhibition in a zoo in southern Australia. Maddy says he is her role model and she is so proud to call him her father.

It has not always been happy times with Maddy, caring for so many animals holds a lot more responsibility and it becomes easy to lose control of the situation. “I have a rescue Bull Arab puppy that was found in a puppy mill and all her family was dead, I got a call from a friend and I immediately welcomed her to her new family, very shy and scared of people it was hard to break her habits. She killed one of my chickens when she was 8 months old, when I came home to that it was horrible, she’s an amazing dog now and wouldn’t hurt a fly, but it took a long time for her to warm up to me”. Maddy’s life is a constant rush and she never really has time to herself with so many creatures around, She fell into depression during exam time in 2010 as she needed to study but had so many responsibilities, she struggled with school and decided not to have the stress of studying for an ATAR. “Depression is a scary thing, not wanting to get out of bed in the morning because you have so many animals depending you on for their survival, it puts a lot of stress on you.” After talking to her father and getting help with her daily duties Maddy realised that the loves she receives back from her pets is all worth it.

 After finishing school in 2010 Maddy was hired at Hanrob Pet Hotel in Heathcote and was trained as a pet welfare and dog trainer. Working full time here and opening up her house to as many animals as it could fit. Working and caring for her pets was not easy, as her rabbits and guinea pigs kept having babies, “when I came home after work and saw my guinea pig Tinkerbelle had babies I was so surprised, she didn’t even look pregnant, I had to give her babies to a friend because the baby litter was getting picked on, it surprising but even the babies mother rejected them”. Juggling work and home life became chaotic for Maddy and animals were becoming sick and things were getting over her head. Her ferret Daisy which she had hand reared since she was born became very ill and was not eating, she took her to the vet and found out she had Lymphoma cancer, tumors formed and spread throughout her body and she had to be put down. Maddy became depressed and thought of giving up caring for animals at home as she thought she could not handle another death. “Daisy’s death killed a little part of me too, I couldn’t work for days and I just wanted her back, she was amazing and I did not think I could watch another animal die in my hands, it was so hard”.


 After talking to her father Maddy decided she wanted to become a vet. She wanted to be able to help animals and she knew this was the best way to do it. Next year Maddy will be attending the University of Sydney studying a Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and research animal’s diseases and lifespan. One day hoping she can open up her own vet and specialise in ferrets, also doing home call outs because she knows how hard to can be to get to the vet in opening hours, especially if your pet becomes sick during the night, she wants people to know she will be there around the clock if something went wrong.”I know the feeling when a pet becomes sick overnight and you are worried they won’t make it through the night, I want to be there for everyones pet during those crucial hours”. Maddy has wanted nothing more than to be around and work with animals since she can remember and she thinks this is the best step to take towards making her dreams come true.



What is Hidden: Assignment Proposal

When asked by Ben what I had in mind for assignment 3, I knew exactly what I wanted to do… but actually being able to do it was a different story.

Walk With Pride


I have a friend… who is in an abusive relationship, and I know this is not something she would like to share openly with anyone, especially a bunch of journalism students. Seeing as I am the only one who knows whats going on I knew asking her to share with me would be hard enough. She agreed, as long as you cannot see her face or know her name, which is completely understandable.

Using only photos and audio with ambient sound and I am still unsure if music will play a part at this point in time, I want tell her story through the photographs more than anything. At the moment the only person I have spoken too is her, for the second person I am unsure on what I would like to do, possibly someone who is counsellor or maybe even me, my point of view, of how much this can affect the people around her. The ambient sounds I will be using are everyday sounds, the light of her cigarette, kettle boiling, crunch of her foot on the grass and the sounds of the fights. I want to portray it as an everyday thing for her, just like her morning coffee she has to deal with physical and emotional abuse from the person she thinks loves her.

I know this will be tough to capture as I am unsure of how much she will tell me, but I’m willing to try to do this and hopefully it can be a reminder of something that too often gets pushed under the carpet like it never existed.


A short critique of the audio story ‘FLASH’

This audio story really stood out to me, maybe because its a tradition in our family to have winter bonfires and Dad always told us to stand away while he lit it, ‘Flash’ really hit home for me as just shows how easy things can go wrong. The use of ambient sound was strong throughout the clip with the sound of a fire crackling in the background it coincided really well, although there were parts where the ambient could have been silenced to make an effective point.
There was no music used in the clip which is fine as it would take away from the story and the fire crackling, being an emotionally sad story music would have ruined the tone. The rhythm of the story stays the same as nothing really ascends or descends during the audio. As the character develops he talks about not blaming his brother for the accident as he knows it was not intentional, but right before it finishes you sense a little resentment towards his brother as he thinks he leads a better life than his own. This makes me feel he has never fully forgiven his brother and his life is now at a disadvantage, the photo doesn’t show the front of his body so I cannot see if he has scars but it seems like Joel Wilkins wasn’t just scarred on the outside but more on the inside than anything.

Why I chose Mariah

For me, it wasn’t about the person, when thinking about what I wanted to record I instantly thought of animals, dogs barking, loud noises and more barking.
I’ve loved animals since as long as I can remember and have always had at least 3 pets at all times in my life, from dogs to cats, guinea pigs, ducks, fish, birds, snakes, lizards and hermit crabs, name it, i’ve had it.
What better place to go to for hundreds of dogs barking at one time then a shelter and dog hotel?
I wish to portray Hanrob as a friendly happy place to work as Mariah talks about how much she loves working in a place so family oriented, working a long side people who have the same love for animals as she does and all have a common goal of taking care of the dogs boarding. I want to communicate this across with ambient sounds of dogs barking and footsteps with music accompanying throughout the track.
There isn’t really any tension or suspense in my audio just an important connection to place as Mariah tells her favourite memories and characteristics about Hanrob.

All Paws


Twenty three year old Mariah Dudley has been with Hanrob Pet Hotels for 3 years, after walking through the doors for first time with her boxer puppy to board for a weekend, she has never looked back. I chose to interview Mariah as her love for animals is infectious as well as her devotion to Hanrob Pet Hotel. Walking through the boarding kennels the ambient sounds where overwhelming and extremely useful as the dogs knew just what to do. Walking into Hanrob to meet Mariah I gained an overpowering sheepish grin just like christmas morning as she told me we could play with some of the dogs, working in an emotionally charged environment surrounded by man’s best friend sounds like the perfect job to me!

I actually have no idea

First year Blake at the uni bar after finishing an assingment

First year Blake at the uni bar after finishing an assignment 

As first semester is coming to an end and students are rushing to get their last assignments in and cramming for exams, 4 journalism students still have no idea where they would like to be when all the fun and games finishes and they have to be pushed into the real world. First year Blake Fisher completed a Communications and Media course at Wollongong TAFE in 2013 as a bridging course into uni. As hes rushing to finished at 2000 word essay he tells me “I’m not even sure I want a career in journalism, I just didn’t want to sit at home and do nothing or be a tradie”.

Similar 4th year Deanna Wilson is still deciding whether she wants to do something in physical and health education or become a renowned author, Check out her blog its pretty amazing! Finishing at the end of the year and still unsure of what exactly she would like to see herself doing.  Having a job writing for a P.E text book company combining her love or health education and  writing seems like the perfect job to get her foot in the door for bigger opportunities.

As Brittany Wheeler is finishing her 2nd year in Communications and Media her ideas of what she wants to do are becoming more foggier than ever. “I wanted to do something in comercialised writing but now that I’ve almost finished my second year I’m not sure that’s exactly what i’d enjoy, I still have a year to decide though I’m not too stressed, more and more opportunities are opening up”. “I’ve enjoyed journalism a lot and I think writing for magazines would be a good career option for me, something in the fashion column”. Brittany finished high school in 2012 and went straight to uni having the marks to get in and the brains to keep going she finds the course quite approachable and is definitely going to complete the journalism course.

Last but definitely not least 2nd year Hannah Martin has more of an idea then the others as she already has a job in what she wants to working as an intern for a magazine helping out writing columns here and there. Hannah entered uni with a scholarship and has used it well loving the course and balancing her social life, work and assignments well. “I love this course, it’s great and uni isn’t as hard as I thought it would be, first day of uni is probably the most stressed I’ve been here”.

The future isn’t entirely a concern for the 4 university students interviewed, the opportunities that exist inside and outside the industry put their minds at ease. In the past individuals would stay in the same career through the course of their entire life, and in this present time it is foreseen that this employable generation will change their career paths 5 times. With the countless possibilities that exist for these group of individuals and they are bound to find the perfect job when the time comes to choose.



Guerrilla Journalism

 “With the push of social media and advancements in communications technology, the curator has become a journalist by proxy”.

Social media has progressively developed to enable global communication for the individual. Through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, the user has the ability to express their ideologies on an unprecedented scale to a wide audience.  The conventional audience has however developed along with the progression of social media to an extent  The potential social media sites have been used as a communication tool to spread news using citizen journalism as the audiences are becoming less passive and more active.

Journalism has been changed forever, but is it so bad? According to CNN editor of the CNN iReport Katie Hawkins-Gaar, more than 100, 000 stories on the CNN iReport were posted from people around the world and out of that 10, 789 were reviewed for CNN to be broadcasted on TV or featured on their website. The relatively new option CNN has opened has allowed the public to interact with the media organisations and share opinions, personal stories, and photos and videos of news when it happens.

Sifting through notable stories from the public have been proved to be rewarding for CNN, last year the producers sorted through the stories and nominated 36 people in the categories  of Breaking news, Original Reporting, Compelling Imagery, Personal Story, Commentary and In-depth Storytelling.

CNN’s Katie Hawkins-Gaar reports “Finding and curating notable stories is an essential component of iReport’s success. The contributions we approve on a daily basis are backed by CNN reporting, and we love nothing more than helping those stories reach an even wider audience. The iReport Awards — now in their third year — give us a chance to celebrate those extraordinary efforts of the citizen journalists who produced them”.


“Damaging a reputation in 140 characters or less”

As a Twitter user, you can discover what kinds of Tweets are most often passed along or re tweeted quite easily. As a journalist on Twitter you can monitor up coming stories and news reports as well as the Twitter users posting them to identify new connections. Aggregated sites such as Twitter are priceless for finding news items early in their upward trend towards becoming buzz.With limited time and people resources, Twitter is an essential news sourcing tool for journalists, reporters, analysts and bloggers.

Twitter is also used for more serious work, and it comes under the Defamation Law. Defamation law applies to Twitter, and authors of tweets should be careful to assess the potential impact of what they write.
Michaela Whitbourn wrote an article for the Sydney Morning Herald on an example of Twitter defamation reaching the courts, District Court judge Michael Elkaim ruled that former Orange High School student Andrew Farley pay compensatory and aggravated damages for making false allegations about music teacher Christine Mickle. Andrew Farley defamed his teacher on the social networking site Twitter which was then seen by the school. The teacher immediately took sick leave and only returned to the school for short periods of time throughout the year. The student was ordered to pay $105 000 for the defamation.

As Twitter defamation is becoming more and more common celebrities like Courtney Love , American actress and musician is being sued by her lawyer Rhonda Homes  for defaming her on the popular site potentially damaging her reputation in the business world.

Millions of Tweets are made everyday, this will not be the first nor the last of the online defamation phenomenon. Anna Spies writer for IP Whiteboard  explains “Twitter is often used to express rash comments.  However, just because “everyone else is doing it” does not mean that a tweet will not be found defamatory.  It only takes one offended person to sue before you’re in trouble.


Max Pasalic



Max has been playing gigs since 15, but 6 months ago he started a hardcore band called Easy life.
He started the band because he wanted to turn his love of hardcore into travelling, performing gigs and showing people what its all about, “we all wanted to just play shows with our best friends and have a good time travelling and doing what we love”.  Being the only singer in the band of 5 I can only imagine how much strain that puts on his voice.  Having played mostly in Wollongong the band will be travelling to Canberra in July to perform a few gigs and get the band out there and known.

Having inspiration from bands like Mayhem and Deafheaven Max has loved hardcore since he can remember, listening to and performing is an amazing experience nothing like he has seen before. “Watching a whole room of people going crazy, jumping off stuff to your music, singing along and just generally enjoying themselves”. Being in a band comes with incredible experiences and memories but there’s also the down side of balancing work life and the social life, to make sure you don’t fall behind on your studies and jobs, something Max hasn’t mastered yet.

Max knows the struggles of juggling uni work, jobs and a band It can be stressful and complicated, finding a happy medium between all 3 feels almost impossible for him and the rest of the boys.
“It sucks trying to juggle everything and there really is no happy medium. All of them run into one another. Uni forced me to leave my last job and since then it’s been extremely hard finding a job. Without a job it’s super hard finding the band, travelling to places, buying new gear. And uni eats into a lot of my time. We were booked for a show in Canberra, but I changed the date so it didn’t clash with my exams which I assumed would be through the week. Now I’m playing a show in Canberra late on a Friday night, and I have to travel back home through the night and wake up the next morning for a philosophy exam”

Having big plans for the band Max hopes in 5 years time he will be playing on a much bigger scale, bringing people together to jump around and sing along. “Playing somewhere like  New York or London where heaps of kids listen to hardcore and would come out. I’d just want to play to as many people as possible, anyone who’d listen or give us the time of day to watch us do what we do.”

Easy Life will be playing July 1st with Elegist and Void Of Vision at Rad in Wollongong I highly recommend you see them play!